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Sassy Wonder Wheel


A variety of bright colours, textures and activities keep baby entertained
Cascading beads capture attention
Spinning wheel engages the concept of cause and effect
Ridges on the wheel makes spinning easy for little fingers
Secure suction cup for stability
Great for highchair

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Sku: SSY-TOY02

The award-winning  Sassy Wonder Wheel highchair toy has a suction cup for easy tray attachment. The distinguishing Sassy black & white pattern and mirrored surfaces develop and engage vision. The centre spinners fascinate little fingers. Just above the suction cup there are coloured, textured rings for baby to play with. The large wheel spins easily as baby explores push and pull hand movements. The centre post turns and clicks round.

The Sassy Wonder Wheel is brightly coloured, with assorted textures and ideal to fascinate and entertain baby when you want them to sit in their highchair. Interaction Idea – By 6 months of age, babies who have explored an object with their hands alone also can recognise it by sight alone. They begin to voluntarily grasp objects, develop hand-eye coordination and love repetition. Attach the Wonder Wheel firmly to a smooth, flat surface. Spin the wheel to show baby the cascading beads, and then show baby how to spin the wheel to make it spin on their own.


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