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Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper Grey Turquoise


Rocker easily converts into comfy napper
Soothing movements rock your baby in all 3 reclining positions
Soft pad with raised borders offers a safe & cozy napper environment
Cute musical toy amuses baby while in napper, stimulating their senses and encouraging them to practice their grasping skills
Product grows with baby – suitable for babies up to 20lb/9kg
Stylishly designed with red and beige fabrics
Patented product

Out of stock

Sku: TL-ROC04

The cozy bouncer with its clearly-defined borders, calming music and light vibrations create an ideal womb-like environment that envelops and soothes baby while supporting the development of EQ. The colourful toys, captivating lights, soft vibrations and soothing and playful music all stimulate baby’s senses. When baby reaches out and attempts to bat at the hanging toys they practice and hone their fine motor skills and learn eye-hand coordination. The Rocker Napper offers 3 reclining positions. The rest position is ideal for 1-3months old baby with the soft padding and raised borders making for a cozy napping environment. Baby can also enjoy the gentle rocking movement of the 3-in-1 Rocker Napper while playing with the rattling snail and flowery mirror. The middle position can help babies’ who suffer from reflux digest more easily and provides an excellent angle for feeding. The raised position allows baby to enjoy playing with the electronic toy that plays a selection of 9 tunes suited for play or rest.


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